The Untold Benefits of Being the Youngest Kid in the Family

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Sometimes we are tired of behaving like task managers of the house. But the good part about it is you become obedient.

You rarely stand up to them because why would you? They are not commanding you to nuke the neighbour’s dog! They are just telling you to do some household work. Before you enter your twenties, you don’t feel mature enough to question anything you have to say. You haven’t built confidence yet! It’s ok.

Despite being the youngest one, I feel like a king whenever I go home. I have an active lifestyle, so whatever task my father and brother assign to me, I finish asap because that is how bad I want to get a new one!

I want to involve myself by being busy in helping them, and it is making me obedient with time.

There are some perks that I don’t think I would have had if I switched places with my elder brother. I never talked to my family about it, but maybe this article will show them how lucky I am to be the youngest one.

Hi, young task managers! Time to feel good about yourself!

You can fix everything in your family.

What is life without problems? A simple maze without turns. It is easy to live, but leads nowhere fun!

Just like every family has problems, there is a person who sees good in everything. It is the best attitude I see in four-year-old kids. They are kind, curious, and positive about everything around them.

But I am 23 now. I can’t bring back all the traits of my childhood. But the significant one is the ability to correct all the wrongs that your elders did.

You already know their mistakes, and they also share some of them with you as you grow up because they see the potential in you!

You have the best growth opportunity.

My father is reaching his 60s, and my brother is 26. Although I won’t compare how much experimentation time I have compared to my dad, because LOL, 37 years is a lot of time, man!

Even the three years difference from my elder brother means I can use the time at my best disposal.

I have the maximum time to commit mistakes, learn from them and then make informed decisions as I grow.

You get the most care.

Your family sees you like the most sensitive one. They are worried about you the most.

Everyone will make sure you get the best love that they wish they received when they were your age. It is bold to say this, but your parents fill the void in their heart by loving you.

Caring about you gives their life a purpose. Being worried is also a timeless way of showing love when they can’t control your well-being, for example, when living in different cities.

They quickly forget your mistakes.

The elders, they are expected to be the leaders. But you have a soft edge here. They avoid your mistakes quickly, and this also happens sometimes when you do something ahead of your age.

I won’t talk about not being appreciated for your immense efforts because it takes time to build trust. But the freedom to commit mistakes, take risks and grow the most is what makes you lucky enough to experiment the shit out of you.

Final words

All the benefits I mentioned above are dependent on one factor: you can do what they wish they couldn’t because you have time in your arsenal.

You can fix what they couldn’t. You get the most care all your life. You have a lot of time to learn with experiments and take risks because the experience is better with adventures and the one part that is a one-line explainer: you will always be the one lighting your family with the cutest smile! Go ahead, cheer them up!

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing in this 100-days streak. Today is day 60. Navigate to the end of article 22, for the references from day 23 onwards. If you would like to read the ones before day 22, here is the first one that documents them in the end.





Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List:

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Sanjeev Yadav

Sanjeev Yadav

Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List:

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