Self-Accountability will Head Start Your Learning Journey

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Sharing success with the right club

Even the small ones that you hit on the way are worth it. They build confidence and trust in the process. They will motivate you to drive consistently.

Imagine finishing goals with your friends, or with someone you know will follow the pace with you and keep motivating you on your entire journey. You will never stop before reaching the goals. And so will they.

You will continue supporting each other, check on each other at whatever intervals sound comfy for both of you, and you will see each other grow while strengthening your relationship too. The interpersonal understanding is just a collateral benefit of having an accountability partner.

Why accountability partner works?

If I want to be consistent with my fitness levels, then I have the fitness community and trainers as my accountability people. They are the ones who see me the most while working out. So they have an idea of how I am learning and will appreciate it whenever they see substantial growth.

Similarly, for other areas like job search, freelancing, writing habit and sleep management also, I have someone I can look forward to sharing my progress.

My accountability partner for sleep management is my father. Damn, he is a wizard of the circadian rhythm. He has been going at it since I can remember, more than ten years, I mean. His brain is programmed to schedule the day like a planner.

Finding an accountability partner

Whenever I woke up early, I called my dad, and he was happy every time. And his laugh, I wake up every day at 4 AM just for that. That laugh, that energy, and that divine blessing.

Even if I don’t get to wish him good morning on some days, I have a robust contextual memory of what talking with him looks like, and I can flash that memory in my head any time I want and be content with that. Some people have that talent.

The contextual memory is sharp and triggering. It doesn’t require that much mental effort than memorising something just for the sake of it.

It is that simple. Currently, the challenge for me is writing every day. This challenge is becoming easier day by day because I have a friend who has more faith in my writing than me. Man, I can never stop now because if I can spark that trust in someone, then there is no way I doubt on my ability to improve the quality of my art. He ignited the fire, and I am sustaining it now.

What if you don’t have one?

But it didn’t start that way. When I began to incorporate morning workouts in my schedule, I met almost a set of the same people every day at the same time in the gym because they were consistent and their level of commitment and rigour inspired me. I wanted to spend more time with them and learn from them, all the way while having fun working out.

Still, they were new to me, and I was trying to fit in. Until I got to know the morning tribe, I had to have a reason to keep moving.

Developing self-accountability can be daunting as it requires self-control and trusting the process rather than the goal accomplishment state. But if you have a method to track your progress without overthinking and manual stress, self-accountability can be used as a power at your disposal to rule every day of your life.

The compounding effect

I started tracking one habit at a time. I set many regular and repeating reminders to keep me on track, split my daily activity based on my productivity level throughout the day.

When I am most energetic, I do the task that requires the most mental effort. These are the tasks that throw new challenges every day and have a steep learning curve.

Final words

I still consider self-accountability as the default option to improve myself because it has helped me master self-control when it comes to learning new things while keeping the distractions at bay.

This article belongs to a series of articles I am publishing in this 21-day streak. See the first one here. This one is the fourteenth one — seven more to go.

To read the remaining ones, navigate to the end of the first article where there is a reference list sorted by day number.

~ Sanjeev



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