Journal of Dreams to Find How The Mind Wanders When The Body is Still

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The mind roams, even when you are sleeping. The glymphatic system is a functional waste clearance pathway for the human brain (Thank You, Wikipedia!).

Although sleep science is still discovering a lot of sleep benefits, there is a healthy idea when we think about how impactful dreams can be in real life. Dreams help you learn and process the emotions.

Sharing the dream

Yesterday, I shared my latest dream with a friend. I was cycling with her, and when I woke up, I wanted to share because I missed her.

Man, I was scared to death how she would take it. Would she call me paranoid? Yes, the anxiety nerve was already on fire!

I am starting a dream journal and wanted to know if she was up for it. I told her anyway. It is because honesty reflects in your communication itself when you have established a strong character.

Especially if you are an open-minded person, people can even tell in chat whether you are faking or not. Open-minded people can be transparent at such extreme levels!

Her response was so cool, “Let’s start a dream journal”. I wanted to ask this question after the reaction to my shared dream. But she said it first, and now we are going for it!

Dreams can be unrealistic too.

The cycling dream is a practical one. If we are together and have a cycle, we can do it.

Sometimes they can be unrealistic too. Like, I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle, and I am doing bike stunts in my dream! That is a sad one for me.

I wake up and laugh at myself because I know I can’t learn biking in a day. But does this dream make sense? Kind of yes, because if I think about biking all the time without putting efforts for it, I am feeding my mind to find a solution for it.

When documenting in a dream journal too, I aim to share the dreams openly whether they seem realistic or not. Let’s see how overtly she prefers to share.

Thinking about a problem just before sleeping

REM ( Rapid Eye Movement ) sleep is the deep sleep phase when your brain is active and you enter the dreaming stage.

A person can have more than one dream in just one night and depending on their practical significance; sometimes you even want to work for it and see the results for yourselves. The movie Inception, it’s idea came from a dream Nolan had.

Like the cycling one, I mentioned before, we will do it once everything is back to normal.


Has it happened that someone told you, “Stop staring like a perv.”, or maybe you anticipated he/she would say this? You are like, “I am just thinking something. It has nothing to do with you.” Yes, good luck convincing here!

Daydreaming looks slightly like staring at a point while letting your thoughts drift away from the task at hand and do some personal introspection about everything but the present work.

It generally happens when the crucial task at hand gets boring, and you don’t have so much freedom to roam everywhere.

Good for you, wander in your head and let your thoughts take the high road!

Some times dreams help.

When you recognise a specific pattern of dreams, then a little analysis will help you with justification. For example, if you are falling from a building, and this dream is frequent, there might be chronic anxiety which triggers this kind of brain activity.

In my case, I dreamt of cycling because we text a lot on Whatsapp and don’t get time to talk in person.

Is it a sign that I want to spend time with her? Am I thinking a lot about her? Is it too early to ask that question?

Let’s see how close the dream journal can bring us!

Your turn

If you also want to start a dream journal and see how your daily thoughts are continued during sleep too, have a system to record the dream as soon as you wake up.

Write a word that reminds you of it. Maybe write a contextual phrase or a sentence because within 20–30 minutes of waking up, you forget almost all the dreams! And dreams can help you guide your thoughts depending on how realistic they are and how you want to use them for your benefit!

Happy Dreaming! If you have an exciting one that you’d like to share, feel free to mention in the comments section.

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