If You Think Life Is Boring, Retrospect

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Attend To Ideas As They Come

When I started writing, I had scheduled stories for one week at least. That was the entire picture. By the end of week one, I was running out of ideas. I was thinking, “What now? I have briefed my productivity hacks, time management and task management? What else do I have? How do I make sure I have ideas for upcoming posts?”

Paying attention to ideas all day as they come proved fruitful. Some situations occur rarely. They make you think about a past event where your actions defined the course of the case.

Whenever I face a deja-vu or if anything reminds of any remarkable decision I took in the past, thoughts start racing. To provide them with a decent outlet, I document them in the form of a headline that I want to use for future articles. When it is too much for a headline, I even note sub-headings and summary of the content. That is how I control my thoughts. I devote time to them every day in the morning time to reflect and flow with the words.

Experimenting Is Building Trust In Process

It is helping me till now, and the more I document, the more I think I have to say about the journey that is life. Sometimes we are so busy that physical activity and professional life takes up pretty much the entire day. We never spare time to look at all the worthy things we did.

In all the aspects of life, including but not limited to, a career, health, social, and self-improvement, I have done a lot of experimenting. Since I knew the trade-off before starting each of them, I have had a reasonable success rate of more than 70% when I look back. This number keeps increasing as I am embracing single-tasking to boost my concentration and productivity.

Learning is essential, and perfection isn’t. Because the definition of perfection changed with time depending on my changing proficiency in that particular field which drives me to set higher targets as I progress.

Past Achievements Shine Light

When I look back at the experiments that improved my life and how I practised on my own, it gives me the needed burst of ideas to note down, the rush of thoughts to guide my present actions.

That’s what I trust, and that is how we should grow. By having an ideal future in mind, we should be guided by our past in making the best use of present while learning in the process forever because lifelong learning is the antidote to knowledge saturation. You will evolve, learn, grow and inspire. That is a whole lot of justified expectations from just following this “lifelong learning” ideology.

Accept Imperfection Until It Hits

Whenever you think, “I’ve done enough”, look at your status and remember how much you don’t know. It won’t put you down or prove that you are inferior to anyone. It will just show you that it is never the right time to quantify knowledge, and there is always room for improvement. Embracing imperfection is the first step in learning.

You will open a world of possibilities to explore, and your brain will thank you for it. Your mind will age gracefully. Why not? You are challenging it with a new problem, and what happens when we face a new problem? We learn by giving our creative muscles a chance to perform. Even if we don’t ace it the first time, the learning experience increases the odds in favour when we attempt it next time. It is an example which proves learning is the best way to grow the brain.

There is a concept in neuroscience called neuroplasticity. It says our mind adapts to new challenges as they come, and this change happens forever. The brain can modify its neuron the whole time we are alive. Mould it, twist it jerk it, improve it, experiment it. And if you think your life is still dull, think of all the events where you were happy, that will give you a cue.

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing in this 100-days streak. Navigate to the end of article 22 for the references from day 23 onwards. If you would like to read the ones before day 22, the first blog documents them in the end.

~ S.



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Sanjeev Yadav

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