How to Save More Than 60% of Your Cupboard Space by Purging Clothes

Especially if you’re playing extra-safe by not going out at all

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Save some cupboard space.

Now comes the part where I managed the already piled up wardrobe collection. Geez, what a classy name for just some simple clothing!

You won’t be using all the clothes right now.

While I reorganise my cupboard every month, last month I wanted to get some extra space for both my closet and my mind by decluttering. That’s when I thought of tidying my clothes once again after two months. I did it in the first week of June.

Purging the fashion collection

On top of a fitness freak, I am a fashionista too. I shopped so much that my entire fashion collection is from the last 365 days since I’ve moved to Bangalore. I revamped my whole wardrobe since I started my professional life.

  • casual wear
  • formal wear

How can you save your cupboard space?

First of all, it depends on the lockdown restrictions in your area and your lifestyle choice.

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