First Solo Trip as a Perfect Revisit

Credits: Pritam Das

New hobby: Travel

And this college trip was also planned. In three days, the way I relived the four years of college memories, the flashbacks were so intense they were calling out to me.

I started my travel journal from there and had some plans for the coming months.

Little did I know that all domestic flights will shut down from 25 March. Damn you, coronavirus!

Why travel? And why, college?

Architecture Is Taking a Hit. Photo by Author

Explore places, new adventures or old memories, whatever it is that drives you to appreciate nature and build secure human connections. Do it. I had such a chance to relive my college life, and I exploited it till last thread.

Important human connections matter in the long run, and the more you know about a person, the more you want to spend time with them. And distancing is hard, we all get that now. It is the only day 3 of lockdown and boredom for some people is at an all-time high.

During college life, we build connections with our batchmates, juniors, seniors, professors and active campus groups. After graduation, it is hard to keep track of everyone. We desperately want to hang out with each other, but a busy schedule is different for different people.

When I ended 2019 by quitting my job (exactly 31 December, LOL), I started the new year with a fresh idea of who I want to become and narrowed down career choices to more niche areas in data engineering.

January and February went in socialising and self-discovery. 1 March half was all travel, and before I could miss the chance to hang out with college mates again, I travelled to Delhi and then made a campus visit to IIT Roorkee.

I went there because I had the time, and I wanted to revisit the college that taught me life, gave me connections for life.

I planned those three days.

Task management

“What are you doing in college? Don’t you have work to do?”

I do have work. But this is the advantage of freelancing. Independence to work any time I want, from anywhere I want. And I know full-time has its perks, but I will do it when I want to.

It is the freedom that everyone wants, but it doesn’t come if you only have one source of income, i.e., full-time work. Be multi-talented; explore the different artistic side of yours.

If you pay attention, you can monetise any talent you want. You need the right tribe to guide you, right platform to showcase your skills, the right audience to appreciate your expertise. And remember this, “The right people (or organisations) are always looking out for you.”

As usual, this trip also did not interfere with my work schedule. Have a contingency plan whenever you go out on trips. It can be to maintain work (or off), workout, diet plans or even just maintaining sleep schedule to conserve energy levels. If you put these together, you won’t feel your routine is compromised.

Why did I go there?

Photo by Neeraj Salvi on Instagram

I respect art. And a new friend of mine made a face-sketch that was so close to the live one. He floored me. I wanted to meet this cool artist in person. This sketch is so much better than I expected.

I have some terrific juniors. I wanted to meet them before they all graduate and reunion becomes a lost plan.

I had time to spare. I went home for Holi and had around one week to get back to Bangalore and start my job search. Full-time has its perks, and I want to explore this city more, it has a lot to offer for the tech-savvy minds.

What did I learn from my first solo trip?

Photo by Author
Photo by Author
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This post belongs to a series of articles I am publishing in this 21-day streak. See the first one here. It is the third one in the line-up — 18 more to go.

To read the remaining ones, navigate to the end of the first article where there is a reference list ordered by day number.

~ Sanjeev



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