Deciding To Freelance Away From Hometown

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Staying With Loved Ones Is Fortunate

If your work allows you to spend quality time with your family, then count yourself lucky. Many of the young job professionals come back tired to their apartment and spent a few hours on the phone with their family. That’s it. They maybe go to their folks once or twice a year, but they wish to do it more often.

If you work away in a full-time job, there is no way you can see your family every day. Even if they are in the same city, it can be tiring if the work commute takes up a significant chunk of your day. After coming back tired, you just want to kiss the bed and sleep.

Networking Matters

People like me, who make money online, can work anywhere we want as long as we have stable internet and positive work environment. Getting a stable internet is no problem nowadays, but the context matters. It affects your mood, your dedication and your willingness to start working. It can mean a calm place or a fantastic network of talented people in your interested field.

I couldn’t get the networking part at home. Based on my technical knowledge in my domain (data engineering), I have no offline community in hometown where I can learn while sharing my experience. The lifestyle there is somewhat between rural and urban. I don’t even know what to name this standard!

Learning Is Important Than Teaching In The Starting

On the positive side, it is good that I can teach them about my work, but I am more interested in the learning phase, and I will always be.

After reaching a certain proficiency level, I may start a mentoring or coaching program in data engineering because it is a new field, and people will benefit from someone who can provide them structured content to study.

But learning attitude will always live with me. We improve when we live in a circle of people who are smarter than us in our field. By hanging out with them, you will absorb their intellectual knowledge and become proficient with time.

After a few years, the teaching profession will become easier because of a lot of experience by knowledge transfer. Your mind won’t stop there. You will want to share your knowledge with the whole world, but you should give dedicated time to learning first.

Distance Is The Sixth (And The Hardest) Love Language

You can take care of your parents by living nearby. That is every child’s dream. Knowing you can check on them whenever you want, this builds a different level of trust that distance cannot give.

But if you want to become responsible for your life, you have to venture out. If you’re going to explore all the opportunities, you have to get out of your home and grab it.

I have lived away from home for more than six years now. Based on how you progress and show the results to your family, they will start believing that you can work on your own and all you need is their trust and support to allow you to do that. It the next step to getting the freedom you want!

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing in this 100-days streak. Navigate to the end of the article 22 for the references from day 23 onwards. If you would like to read the ones before day 22, there is the first one that documents them in the end.

~ Sanjeev



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