Learned helplessness feels like soft love. But, in reality, it festers hard-to-heal wounds when responsibilities shower nonstop.

Your attitude is the reflection of your mindset.

Yesterday, I read about how your mindset is your most powerful asset, and if you learn to swerve from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you’re gearing up for a world of inspiration.

Life can happen for you or to you.

The power of choice is super-underrated in our generation. The decision to prioritise one goal over another requires deep thinking to keep the future regrets to a minimum.

The option of preferring long-term thinking instead of submitting to temptation out of instant gratification is when you take an observer stance to make a thoughtful decision.

When your choices…


Be your best friend when no one lends a helping hand.

I’ve been living alone with an ever-changing social circle since 2013 when I flew to Kota to prepare for IIT — the prestigious engineering institutes in India.

So, when I say you’ll be on your own as you progress in life before even entering adulthood, I’m not saying it to scare you. I’m giving you the pre-emptive information because:

The truth — if suppressed for long — always hurts before healing.

You have the opportunity to arm your mind for whatever bomb life drops on you.

You’re on your own. Develop tenacity.

Before you enter the office culture, you’ll have friends in college that give you…


The thought of leaving this world without knowing what you could have been can be scary or liberating. Make your choice.

One existential crisis is enough for you to ignite a sense of urgency to give your life a much-needed direction.

Luckily, I’ve experienced my share of the most horrific emotional hells ( yet ) at age 21. But last Saturday, when I had these existential-related discussions with my flatmates after a drink, I realised how lucky I was. Not for the liquid shots, but the deep dialogues that sparked exciting questions about the meaning of life.

Life is a journey about finding ( and reinventing ) yourself.

In the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author says:

“The idea of self that we have in our mind becomes complex with time.”


The human brain is a suggestion box and thoughts are its paper bullets.

Making time for self-awareness will reduce your self-criticism while promoting mental health. It is also about checking with your mind for wellness and organising your thoughts.

A study in July 2020 shows we generate around 6000 thoughts per day. And out of them, how many of them are fruitful? I’ll leave that question for you. If you overthink a lot ( I’ve been there, done that ), you already know the answer to my question.

The reason why we surrender to negativity.

How are we supposed to enjoy a peaceful life when most thoughts we create are trying to tell us a confusing message? …


The world is overflowing with serious minds. It doesn’t need one more.

Call me crazy, but it makes me even harder to stop laughing when someone tells me not to laugh. If you also feel the same way, may we get cray-zay together!

If anyone could hear voices in your head, would you come out as weird? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about.

It shows you’re different from everyone, which is a feature. Embrace it in whatever way you feel right. Own your madness.

Laughter is healthy from all angles.

Laughing burns calories as a mild cardio workout. Smiling at someone quells their tension momentarily to help with a solution from a refreshed mind.



Better decisions create a better life by handling responsibilities with grace.

Your brainpower starts depleting from the moment you wake up. This phenomenon is called decision fatigue.

I used to set my books according to the next day’s timetable and the uniform in school age.

Little did I know that this simple technique helps us improve our decision-making skills. Your brainpower is highest when you wake up after an undisturbed sleep of around 7–9 hours.

When you rise from the dead, if you have your upfront task list in hand, it eliminates the pressure of juggling-procrastinating on your chores.

Here are four habits that I’ve found which have improved my decision-making…


Lose yourself in the heaven of your tasty universe.

A flow state is a mental condition ( not a disorder ) when you’re enjoying an activity so much that you lose track of time and a sense of self. For example, finding the perfect porn. Or take a more gentle example, relishing a lip-smacking saliva-shooting culinary pleasure.

I’m the slowest eater in every social circle. Although slow-eating is a healthier option than fast-eating because it helps us control over-eating, I still wanted to find a way to finish eating in under 30 minutes without feeling the time as long.

Flow states give you a feeling of timelessness by immersing…


If someone told me this a year ago, I’d nuke them. But now I know better.

The most effective way to understand a process is by experiencing it first-hand, not by merely listening to advice without following through.

We already know the perils of instant gratification when the dopamine surge hits us high-n-dry after we feed our temptation and develop a tolerance level for it.

Instant gratification is our immediate hunger to feed our desires in the quickest way possible without making any significant effort. It sounds like a dog jumping at a bone he found out of nowhere.

Here are four features I found familiar between instant gratification and animal instinct. …


No small talk. No judgment. Sheer altruism.

No one wants to repeat the same advice if the second person keeps coming back without learning anything on their own. It frustrates us because we gave our time to help a person who came back with the same confusion we tried to eliminate. It even makes us feel that the second person disrespects our knowledge.

But when you sense that the second person is serious about taking action, your heart wants to help them in any efficient way you can.

To make sure your advice helps the second person without sounding judgmental, I’m sharing the three methods below that…


Make your mind work for you by tricking it into action.

What if there were a way your mind would force you to get in the action mode instead of loathing in unhealthy procrastination?

It turns out there is a way. But it takes time and practice to master it.

It’s no secret that consistency can accelerate your personal growth by boosting your self-confidence with practice. On top of it, while busting the myth about 21 days of habit development, I realised that consistency has the power to reduce our inner chatter.

Now, I’m not saying the inner critic will completely die because our mind is wired to look for problems…

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