Eliminate the entry barrier by doing the unthinkable with what you already have.

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Because sharing happiness is the crux to increase it.

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Mindfulness for serenity.


Your time is valuable, so I’ll hit you with tough love.

Let’s dive in. Credits: Anupam Singh

Our hormones run wild if we don’t understand…


Your taste, experiences and worldview make your story worth hearing.

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Storytelling helps us navigate life.


Become a student of life, not the judge.

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Why are kids more creative than adults?


The right thing is the right thing, irrespective of when you do it — today, tomorrow or in the afterlife. Tick-tock.

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You won’t understand you have impostor syndrome in its nascency.


When your laughter is funnier than the joke, don't fret about a sense of humour — for the most part.

Just so you know, I lost these glasses in a deli. Credits: Mohit Rao

Phone call with a friend.

I sensed my friend’s fever in his wet voice.


Therapy benefits you independent of where you are in your life.

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A wise therapist provides a pathway to analyse your emotions


Detect when your brain is replaying ideas from the stone age in the following three situations.

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Controlling the survival instinct


The 3Cs of alertness: challenge, creativity and caffeine. And how to balance the last C.

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Learn about nutrition before setting your diet.

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Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • Blogs on Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Relationships and Practical Psychology • IG: sanjeevai

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