A game of patience that gives an idea of how the articles are organised

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Trick Games

You’ve played games on the Google search engine when searching for specific topics, or you might have accidentally landed on them. Then tell your friends about it.

The first one I learned was Google Gravity.

I liked it so much, I started looking for more similar games and found Atari Breakout, Do A Barrel Roll and many others whose names I don’t remember. But you can find these trick games online.

The Source of Game

The Wikipedia game I am talking about is a little less interactive. …

They falsely incriminated a scientist without knowing anything about anticruelty law in scientific research

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You start alone when fighting against the system

Doesn’t matter how much self-trust you have, when going against the system you are generally alone. The same happened with a behavioural neuroscientist who was falsely accused of animal cruelty when doing his research.

Edward Taub is a neuroscientist in the University of Birmingham. He was the first PETA target in the Silver Spring Monkeys case which made PETA the largest animal rights organisation in the United States and Taub a hated figure.

Co-founder of PETA joined with a hidden motive

In May 1981 Taub was forty-nine, heading his own lab, the Behavioral Biology Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, with grand plans to transform the work in treating…

Snooze might be an instant relief but builds up the chronic stress

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You never realised, but you were [probably] a morning person in your late childhood—the age where you stopped crying in the middle of the night and soft-snored instead. School started around 7 am, and you had to be on time. Unlike college ( at least the one where I went ), there is a fine for getting late.

To make sure I waste no time in the morning and get school, I applied two tricks. My father imposed the first one. …

2021: Get a calendar

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I’ve never done a year in review. 2020 hasn’t been the best year if I compare it with the last five years.

The best year was 2019 because of the changes I saw in myself. Becoming a morning person, financially independence, physical and mental fitness was all in my veins throughout 2019 from the second half, when I graduated from college.

2020: The year of progress

What did I accomplish in 2020? I carried forward a habit from 2019 because of the way it impacted my life. It was about tracking my habits.

If you can measure progress, you can see your journey, which motivates…

Because self-control doesn’t work in the long run.

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If you read only a few books

After a lot of research, recommendations and reading blogs about habit development, I read two books — Atomic Habits and The Miracle Morning. I was able to apply almost all the lessons shared in them. I was already using some practices mentioned in the books but didn’t know the psychology behind them. These two books are poster boys if you want to read about habit development.

They have a lot of actionable tips. Since the influential self-help books are practical, you’ll have to give time to see visible results. Before I got Atomic Habits, I was already eight months into…

The kind of multitasking that actually gets the important task done

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We all have some workarounds when we have to do a task which is tedious but valuable. The most common example you could probably relate is doing the laundry regularly.

The method which I use most is listening to music while doing it. This way of managing boring, but essential activities is called temptation bundling.

I will discuss how an engineer used this method to get fit with Netflix and the psychology behind the approach, which might benefit you.

The engineer who combined Netflix and fitness

Ronan Byrne, an electrical engineering student at Dublin Institute of Technology, used to watch Netflix a lot. …

It also helps in making interesting conversations

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Being a stand-up comedian is hard. I am not one, but when I think about all the effort that goes into it, it can become more severe than fun for me.

A relatable TV series

Recently I finished Bhaag Beanie Bhaag on Netflix, where the protagonist quits her job to become a stand-up comedian. She did not have a paid gig when she left the job. She told her boss about quitting via text message in a drunken state.

After watching that show, I realised I wouldn’t be able to put that effort into becoming a comedian. I do it for fun. Involving money…

Back when sneezing, in public, without a mask, without covering your face, would get you in deep trouble

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It was back in March, one week before the government planned a nation-wide lockdown for 21 days. I was travelling for Holi, and after two weeks of fun, I came back to my work town on March 18.

My elder brother was worried about me travelling so much during such difficult times. He advised not to go back to my work town and stay at home for as long as possible. I had already booked the return ticket. It did not qualify for cancellation because I booked it way before the pandemic wave started in India.

One week before the first lockdown

As you know, many…

And how to reach the same phase anytime

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Children can learn anything faster. Even faster than us adults because of a factor called the critical period.

Below we’ll see what the critical period is, what happens when it is active, why it stops in adults and how to activate it again.

The critical period

In neuroplasticity, the critical period is the stage when the brain is responsive to various types of stimuli. For example, learning a new language, learning how to walk, write, speak, etc. These all are difficult tasks which require intense practice, that’s why primary schooling is mandatory.

Try learning a new language in your twenties, and you’ll understand…

Especially if you don’t know how fast is your metabolism

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Running just after eating is bad for digestion. We all know this fact by heart. You also know the gulugulu sound in the stomach if you accidentally do run.

We also know doing any physically strenuous activity, in general, interferes with digestion. One typical example is fighting with your siblings.

But do you know what the hidden factor behind avoiding certain activities after having a regular meal is? It has to do with how the blood flow occurs during digestion and how some activities interfere with it. …

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