Laugh at your failures. Save your tears for your dream day.

Credits: Rajeev Yadav


Newton lives rent-free in our hearts. It’s our brains that won’t budge.

Zoom in to find pi and Planck’s constant. Pictured: Me in the foreground. Credits: Kumar Atulya

Newton’s First Law of Motion


You’re a brand. Not a commodity, so stop behaving like one.

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Combining unrelated skills is a superpower.

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  • “How much can we help people with our skills?”
  • “Will we make the world better if we’re persistent enough?”
  • “What if all our efforts go in vain?”

The cold-start problem.


Pieces fall in place when there is one priority above all meta-priorities.

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Priority is a task or goal which we put on top of everything else.

The compounding effect


Books are not the only source of wisdom.

I’m trying hard not to nap. Credits: Anupam Singh

#1. For starters, read where you’re desperate for growth.


Your body is your temple. Workout is a ritual. That makes fitness a religion, and the prayers are your, “Ooh-aah, let the music play!”

Non-Sponsored Transformation. Source: Sanjeev Yadav Instagram

Action generates motivation. The converse is hocus.


Be kind to your mind, and the Universe is yours.

Photo of The Author by The Author

#1. Self-criticism is not the answer.


And one flipper to override them all that makes you lovable.

Credits for Shoes, and Photo, and Phone: Anupam Singh
  1. “You remember every little detail.”
  2. “You don’t forget easily.”
  3. “I love how you remember subtleties from the past!”
  4. “Fuck, you remember this too?”
  5. “Don’t embarrass me, son. Let it go!”


Streak mindset creates motivation instead of crying for it.

Photo of The Author by The Author

Streak mentality is a lifestyle.

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