Let go of the need to be distracted by music when you hustle.

Have you ever annoyed people with loud music? You’re not alone. If you communicate assertively, reducing the loudness will improve your relationship with the second person because music is like social circles. It’s hard to change your preference in a split second.

If you’re not an audio engineer and just…


Every time I take a break from writing, it becomes journaling.

What happens when you lose consistency in a habit? We try to compensate by sharing our experience of how we are coping up.

Consistency is a difficult quality to master, and I have reached the lowest point of September so far.

The same situation of re-igniting creativity repeats for me…


The intention is the journey. The goal is the destination.

Here’s a popular quote you must have heard:

“You are one decision away from changing your life.”

Since writing is always open to interpretation, there are some details hidden in the above thought:

  1. How big should the decision be?
  2. What cost does it have to the alternative options?
  3. Is there…


What matters more than looks is confidence and a wide smile.

I’m in a Slack group with 40 other creators, where we post daily on LinkedIn to expand our reach and leverage it as a platform for content creators.

If networking is daunting for you, too, that’s not news. Connecting with new people is not supposed to be easy. …


Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

We all feel good when we get respect in our social circle. But the earned respect goes a long way. The demanding one is not genuine.

In the first half of my college life, I threw tonnes of pretentious jokes to be the funniest person in the room that did…


Ever tired of having the same discussion over and over and reaching the same conclusion?

Have you entered into a verbal contest with your parents and experienced a deja-vu? The moment where you realise you have reached the same conclusion with a similar discussion before more than once.

A similar situation cropped up when I came to my home town, and my father asked questions…


It’s surprising how much people crave laughter after coming from work.

Your first college trip will always be memorable. Mine is also, but not in the way I wanted it to end.

I won’t go into the logistics and pitfalls that happened along the way, but the story with a sense of humour can go a long way when you mix…


A comparison is helpful only when your past self is the competitor.

Self-confidence is a revered trait and challenging to develop in a new field.

You can’t measure it on a scale, and it is useless to compare the proficiency of two people with different levels of practice and intelligence.

There are similarities between how we develop our self-confidence and weight lifting.


The cover photo is an apt explanation of my story.

Do you have a story which you’ll change the first thing when you get a time machine?

We all have at least one story that hurts us forever, not because of the magnitude of the loss alone, but due to the length of stupidity that we showed.

If you’re normal…


Creating choices is about securing your future.

A routine becomes super-boring and tedious to stick to the moment it stops giving novelty. Doing the same activities with the same breathing rhythm sounds even tacky to talk about.

The same issue was with my writing everyday schedule. I woke up at 6 am, freshen up and then write…

Sanjeev Yadav

Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List: sanjeevai.ck.page

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