3 Ways a Close Friend Transforms Your Life

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You start a new venture, and you don’t have a supportive community. Who do you look out for feedback?

When your authentic character reflects from your actions, it won’t take long for you to make healthy connections.

Some people like to create a mystery around them, about what they are thinking, how they behave and create suspicion about their next move. Sometimes they come out as charming, but other times they also repel people because of their ambiguous behaviours.

The other types are the ones who have only a single colour: honesty with humility. They know they can’t fake at all in front of anyone. They want to keep the connections super simple.

I developed this authentic positivity in every aspect of life. Lifelong learning will give you this attitude. It will help you solidify your purpose in life.

I prefer to be happy all the time, and this energy transfers to everyone who spends time with me.

When I graduated from college, I used to talk with friends on call for maybe a few minutes or so. Now I speak for hours!

A few months back, when I talked to a school friend who was feeling cold, after one hour, he said, “Dude, I am already feeling better, don’t kill me with your laughter!” Now that’s the energy everyone wants in their life.

Your close friend will shape your life in a way no one can. Here are some of the ways that my life transformed because of such a friend.

They have seen all your versions.

If you graduated college successfully and went through a dark phase of depression or tremendous overthinking, you know what friends I mean here. They are the ones who have seen almost every side of you. It hurts them to see you in despair.

You can try discussing your problem with your parents or siblings. I have been there, done that. If they are patient enough, they will listen. If they expect the best results from you all time, they may think you are trying to come up with an excuse that they will eventually ignore.

The generation gap is the hidden thorn in family disagreements.

The generation gap is a more dominant aspect when taken into action. When you are going through tough times, you need someone who can empathise with you, not someone who tells you just to be brave and get your shit together.

“No man is an island, but no one is a Times Square either.”

You vibe with everyone on a different level in different aspects of life. But if you have made meaningful connections in the past, you must have a close friend with whom you share almost everything.

You may not share everything with your parents because they will give a solution based on their experience. The generation gap will run its course, and you won’t find the settlement respecting your priorities.

When you have a close friend to discuss all your problems, you will find a solution that will appeal to you right away because they know what you are going through better than anyone.

I don’t know how girls make such connections quickly, but for boys, it is hard. If you try to hide your intention with your close friend, they will catch you and even convince you that you don’t have to worry about judgmental feedback.

If they are weird, it is because of you.

I also have a close friend. I am even reaching that level of understanding with my elder brother too.

It doesn’t matter how much independent or free you become on your own; human connections are essential. Because whatever you do, you need to understand it’s impact, you need to know if the time spent on your work is worth it or not.

If you don’t see the results of your actions from the feedback, how are you ever going to improve?

When you are at a job, it’s relatively simple. You have a mentor or boss to keep you on track. But what if you are trying to figure out your life? This question may sound cheesy, but not if framed as a quarter-life crisis.

When you take actions just because you want to fit in the society, stages like quarter-life crisis will hit you hard. You will hit an impasse where you won’t understand which direction to go anymore!

Becoming independent and free on your own takes time. And as long as you are not an extreme introvert who spends most of the time alone, use this time to bond with the people who know you and understand every aspect of you.

I have only one friend like that, and he catches when I am lying. That guy is a wizard at finding peoples’ weaknesses.

Hold on to that weird person who appreciates you the way you are, who won’t change a single thing about you, and you will never feel stuck in life!

If you already have such a friend, talk to them more often. Not text, talk on the phone!

This blog belongs to a series of posts I am publishing in this 100-days streak. Today is day 49. Navigate to the end of article 22, for the references from day 23 onwards. If you would like to read the ones before day 22, here is the first one that documents them in the end.

~ Sanjeev



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